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Philosophy & Vision

MegaGen brands now recognized as world leaders

Our world-leading products and solutions are now respected as a game changer for more successful implant treatment and as the new standards for implant and digital dentistry.

Available in over 100 countries via more than 90 distributors and 12 affiliates.

From the very beginning in 2002, MegaGen has always been about developing the best tools to help dental professionals achieve the best results for their patients.

Started by dentists and driven by dentists, MegaGen brands are respected worldwide for setting new quality standards for successful implant treatments.

Developing technology to realize dreams and design the future of healthcare.

Working ethically and in good faith to become a total healthcare innovator.

Philosophy & Vision

Science & Heart

So much more than just a screw…

A single implant combines an in-depth understanding of human biology, the human function, mechanics, materials, design, and heart.

With more than 30 years of clinical experience, the dentists and researchers behind MegaGen products are all focused on improving the patient experience by minimizing pain, accelerating healing, enhancing function, and perfecting the final esthetics.

MegaGen products, inspired by heart and driven by science.


Philosophy & Vision

Changing industry standards

MegaGen has been responsible for several innovative products that have since become industry-leading standards.

In 2006, Rescue® was launched as an innovative solution for diminished bone with a minimum length of only 5mm.

In 2009, the introduction of the AnyRidge® implant system was a game-changer. Incorporating unique biologically-inspired concepts, AnyRidge offers a new paradigm for better prognosis and more successful clinical results. The significance of AnyRidge as a new industry standard has only continued to grow over the last 10 years, making it the global market leader.


Philosophy & Vision

Innovating for the future

Although implants are now the first and preferred treatment option for tooth loss, the process remains time-consuming, invasive, and expensive.

Therefore, MegaGen initiated the Eureka R2 project to create the 2nd revolution in implant dentistry using the latest materials and technologies to develop a new paradigm for implant dentistry that is easier, safer, faster, and more economical for both patients and clinicians.